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India’s favourite foods

28 Apr

Was over at a friend’s for a meal when I happened to comment that a vegetable that she had made tasted so different from what I make with essentially the same bunch of ingredients, give take a couple of things. That just set us off on what kind of food you can get in different parts of the country and how different food is from one state to another..

Dinner got over but the conversation stayed with me and I was trying to search for a culinary map of India and I stumbled on this treasure, something that I now have to aspire to šŸ™‚


My experiments with food!

13 Apr

Growing up with boy cousins and having family friends who mainly had boys for children, kind of leaves you unprepared for existence as a woman! And more than that I think it leaves your parents unprepared for how to deal with a girl who behaves and acts like a boy! šŸ™‚

Luckily I had a set of very indulgent parents. My memories of my childhood are coloured with bike rides, cricket matches, football practices and swimming… an amused mother who would sometimes admonish me about not having any womanly grace and an indulgent dad who encouraged and sided with me no matter what! My only concession to my sex was wearing frocks / dresses that my mom lovingly bought and I regularly tore! I suspect that some of it has still stayed with me and to this day, while I am a far cry from the tomboy I was, I am way way off anything feminine!

With all this baggage I got married, luckily to the man who I loved and who mercifully fell in love with me.. otherwise the torture his poor stomach has had to go through in the first few years of marriage, anyone else would have given up! I remember the first meal I ever cooked – a dal and some rice. I just knew that my mom usedĀ lentils, cumin, tumeric, saltĀ and water to make dal, so I just threw them into the pot and hoped, miraculously it would all come together. Needless to say it did not, but R (my husband) was sweet enough or newly married enough šŸ™‚ to gulp a few spoons down!!

My journey from there to now has been long,Ā ardrous andĀ thorougly enjoyable! From a person who couldn’t make out spinach from any other leafy vegetables, I can, today wax eloquent about a ballotine of chicken, butter squash mezzlune, pansoti, a chocolate mousse cakeĀ et al.. and through all of this R has braved stomach aches, cramps, burned and charred dishes, food that tasted like newspaper or ditchwater and has bravely dared where no man in my life has been before – down my culinary path!

Its been a long journey and through this blog I hope to document some of that and share some of the receipes that I have FINALLY mastered!


Hello world!

10 Apr

The genesis for this blog is a sms exchanged with a dear friend – Priya! Was texting some recipes to her when she asked why didn’t I blog about food? Actually why not? I dont know why it never occurred to me to do that! Especially sinceĀ I had been so happy blogging about my travels, blogging about food that I had on those travels and then experimented with in my kitchen, should have been a logical move, right?

But I am not logical! I am mentally lazy and get inspired / excited only in fits and bursts! And somehow her suggestion coincided with yet another move overseas, and somehow it appealed to me, so here it is! Priya thanks, dunno how long I will maintain this or post, but am hoping I will be able to be as regular as I was with the Egypt blog till I left Cairo! But thanks, for pushing me to do this!!