I am a banker by profession, rather WAS a banker by profession šŸ™‚ till hubby’s job took him to different countries and I had to throw the towel in! Someone had to tag and someone had to lead, so we figured we would alllow hubby to lead, at least for a few years till my son grew up…

We are both extremely fond of food and our generous proportions are witness to that…In allĀ our journeys / travels, the one constant has been the search for interesting food – both in terms of taste, and, novelty value.. and I have come a long way from young vegetarian tastebuds to a much travelled, seasoned and hopefully a tad knowledeable palate!

I try and do a few things with my son so that there are things that we both have in common, even when he is older and doesn’t wnat to hang around mom too much! I can already see that starting to happen! And cooking is one such thing, he enjoys messing in the kitchen and rustling up things which are completely inedible to downright sinful! We try and keep Saturday or Sundays for horsing around in theĀ  kitchen and playing scrabble or carrom.

With this blog, I hope to document some of that journey too and I hope a lot more people will join me!


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  1. Amar Mahajan November 19, 2011 at 2:06 pm #

    Will soon be visiting cairo. wish you could give us some valuable info on starting business their in cairo, egypt. Other suggestions also welcomed.

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