Hello world!

10 Apr

The genesis for this blog is a sms exchanged with a dear friend – Priya! Was texting some recipes to her when she asked why didn’t I blog about food? Actually why not? I dont know why it never occurred to me to do that! Especially since I had been so happy blogging about my travels, blogging about food that I had on those travels and then experimented with in my kitchen, should have been a logical move, right?

But I am not logical! I am mentally lazy and get inspired / excited only in fits and bursts! And somehow her suggestion coincided with yet another move overseas, and somehow it appealed to me, so here it is! Priya thanks, dunno how long I will maintain this or post, but am hoping I will be able to be as regular as I was with the Egypt blog till I left Cairo! But thanks, for pushing me to do this!!


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